Birthday Sex Playlist 2011


I bet you can't guess what today is! That's right it's Let's Talk About Sex's 1st birthday. As such it is that time of year again to celebrate with a little bit of birthday sex, and what is birthday sex without the 2011 Birthday Sex Playlist?!

This year we took this much more serious... that is to say I had a lots of sex and smoked a lot of weed while editing this list. All of my sweat and semen paid off! I was able to create a playlist that is guranteed to get something started. It has a much different feel than last years and is definitely an upgrade. So with out further ado I present...

 Birthday Sex Playlist 2011

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Not all the songs are on this playlist because they were unavailable (lame). However, the list below has the entire playlist in it's sexy entirety.

  1. Just A Little Heat - The Black Keys
  2. Psychotic Girl - The Black Keys
  3. I Get Lonely - Janet Jackson
  4. E.T. - Katy Perry
  5. Signs Of Love Makin' - Tyrese
  6. Girl - Wax Poetic
  7. The Way I Feel - Remy Shand
  8. Butterfly (Casa Nova Sessions) - Jason Mraz
  9. Lies - Black Keys
  10. Closer - Nine Inch Nails
  11. Changes - Wax Poetic
  12. Cross My Mind - Jill Scott
  13. NYC - Wax Poetic
  14. Feeling Good (Joe Clausell Remix) - Nina Simone
  15. Don't Explain - (dZihan & Kamien Remix) - Billie Holiday
  16. When You Love Somebody - Leela James
  17. Speechless - Beyonce'
  18. Say It - Ne-Yo
  19. Red Light Special - TLC
  20. The Breakdown - Gossip
  21. My Funny Valentine - Chris Botti
  22. Moments In Love - Art Of Noise
  23. Brick Ballades (Houston St.) - Toshihiko Sahashi
  24. Let's Do It Again - TLC

Because I love you and want you to have the easiest access to to the sexy tunes, I have links for you to save the playlist to your computer for easy listening pleasure. Click the picture of the format you want to download.




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